Kill Metrics: How to Stop – Before It’s Too Late

Starting something isn't the hard part – stopping it is. Clear, agreed goals and a more sceptical mindset from the start makes it easier to make the hard decisions before it's too late.

Written by:

Lars K Jensen

Lars is a former journalist who has worked with digital development, cross-functional teams and product management in the media industry for more than 10 years.

He is Head of Digital & Product at Willmore and an advisor to publishers and organisations on digital matters and how to understand the users and how to use that knowledge.

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KILL YOUR DARLINGS. It's important to set success criteria for your work and the ideas, products and projects to decide to act on. The criteria help you value if that great idea was in fact so great.

But success criteria aren't always the right way to go. What if we instead talk about survival criteria and pledged that we would stop the process or the project if it did not meet certain, clear demands? Whether you are developing a new product, concent or area of business or planning a redesign you need to have a serious conversation about what to achieve, before you are ready to commit the needed time, energy, resources and money.

Here, success criteria are important but they are in no way a guarantee that the necessary conversations will happen and the necessary decisions be taken. Let's look at some of the risks associated with the success criteria approach.

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