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We help publishers and other organizations build sustainable businesses while impacting industries and societies.


Willmore helps you to publish in a digital world. If you are a company, an organization or a publisher – we can help you with all aspects about being a medium.

We lift the digital publishing, from your basic platform to the strategy that carries your development. We’re your commercial partner and can carry your sales so that your business is good, healthy and profitable.

We have a passion for strong content: We can mold your formats, enhance your storytelling, but also execute – whether you’re publishing video, audio or text.

“Willmore is a competent, credible and professional partner who understands our publications and customers.”

Anders Jerking,
Editor in Chief and CEO at Monitormedier



We work with a range of publishers, organizations and companies – among them:

We are frequently giving talks and running workshops on digital and business development in the digital media industry. Here are some of those we work with:


We work with publishers, member organizations and companies who publish content.

Below are our core offerings, but we a probably able to help you even if you don’t fit into any of the four boxes. Reach us at


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Events, courses, talks etc.


We publish articles and analyses on the digital publishing and media industry. Have a look:

By David Lose,

Arbejdet med potentielle kundeemner, også kaldet leads, er oversete i mange medieforretninger. Læs hvordan, det kan give dig mere omsætning og lette byrden på din salgsafdeling.

By Lars K Jensen,

Brugerens rejse er aldrig lineær og vigtige skridt er svære at måle. Det vil mange medier opdage midt i skiftet fra annoncer til abonnenter.

By Lars K Jensen,

Ligesom mange andre ting i livet, er den første løsning sjældent den bedste, når du vil tjene penge på dit indhold via abonnementer.

By Lars K Jensen,

Medier har længe udgivet nyheder i en nærmest endeløs strøm. I en gratis, annoncebaseret verden, hvor klik bestemmer, kan det give mening. Men sådan fungerer en abonnementsforretning ikke.

By Lars K Jensen,

Alle taler om, at det er vigtigt at forstå brugerne og deres behov, men det er svært at omsætte til reel handling. Derfor bruger vi Jobs To Be Done-frameworket.

By Jesper Skeel,

Det siger sig selv, at jeres salg bliver bedre, hvis I træner det. Bliv klogere på hvad du kan gøre selv for at træne dine sælgere.

By Lars K Jensen,

Mange vil gerne have betaling for indholdet. Men en gratissuccess er ikke garanti for, at folk vil betale. Så… hvad kan man gøre?

By Lars K Jensen,

Det er let at gå efter at slå tidligere trafikrekorder og måle sig halvt ihjel. Men hvis det ikke kan omsættes til noget, der giver værdi for mediet og forretningen – hvad nytter det så?

By Lars K Jensen,

Starting something isn’t the hard part – stopping it is. Clear, agreed goals and a more sceptical mindset from the start makes it easier to make the hard decisions before it’s too late.

By Lars K Jensen,

Vores digitale privatliv bliver styrket i disse år. Det er godt. Men det udfordrer dem, der vil måle brugen af deres indhold og digitale produkter. Og snart bliver e-mails også ramt.

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We believe in learning by doing. That is why we are setting up a range of courses about digital media and business.

Below is a selection of current courses – contact us at if you want a customized course in your organization.

(Note: The courses are in Danish 🇩🇰)


It doesn’t matter whether you are charging money for your content or not: It’s important to have a close relation to your users – and the understanding of their needs and desires are the key to what is called engagement. On this day, you’ll learn the tools that make it easy, simple – and actionable.


This course is all about making quality content a quality business. You’ll learn how to develop your content and business – and gain a better understanding of your user segments, empowering you to deliver even greater value.

Learn from mistakes and understand what works.


An inspiring day for journalists and editors who’s work is impacted by automation. We go through relevant cases and talk about what’s actually possible. This day is not meant for programmers and specialists, so there is no code-talk.


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